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You should make a fifth or last video to the series about the "Black chosen one" comes back as a Trojan virus. Now you ("noogai") and the "Orange chosen one" have to delete him once and for all (my opinion). None the less great video and animation, keep it up.

You gotta love the rival moments, when the mutant and ninja guy instanly found something in common (beat each other and those you interfere) it always led to good fight. Great video Dex keep it up.

Great video, but I'm guessing that it's to short because it's more of a teaser for a new enemy who's more powerful than Jeb.

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A quick and easy game (in a good way). You should make it a bit more challenging.

It's a great game but, where's the weapon drops like in the first one. Also when is the Multiplayer coming out.

Great game and like the other commenters definitely multiplayer, maybe zombies. Also the medals don't seem to work and you should add different music for each individual stage. Furthermore more options such as graphics, sound, and customize-able key controls.

P.S: Great game :D

mmankt responds:

thx, the medals work, you need to be logged it.

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Is anybody else getting Mirrors Edge 2 vibes from this song. Everything was well coordinated, keep it up.

This is really good, it sounds like a Wiz Khalifa track.

The beat and lyrics are really good. Keep it up.

Madwigged responds:

Thank you very much.

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One of my favorite megaman series, nice picture dudet.

Zero is the most sexy anime person out there u capture him with such Finesse, Capcom really needs to come out with another Megaman Zero game based on the future of the future, where Zero has on the Mythos Armor as in this Beautiful piece of art.

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